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Web Advertising

Are you an APS Member with a web page offering philatelic products or services? Why not advertise it! APS provides ad links to web pages established by our members and subscription to this service places your ad on many APS web pages.

We now provide more exposure for the ads - they appear on more than 150 pages within the APS web site as well as on the full listing of Web Advertisers which is linked with all the ads (see the ad on this page in the right-hand column).

Web Advertising Guidelines:

You must be an APS Member. (All members of the APS do subscribe to, and are governed by the APS Code of Ethics.)

On-line advertisements are subject to APS approval; we will review the content of the web page that is being advertised.

Links to member sites do not imply endorsement by the APS of any of the information or products offered on those pages or via subsequent links to other pages.

Advertisements measure 200 x 120 pixels and offer an opportunity for two images per ad to be rotating in and out on one advertisement! That means you can receive 2 blocks measuring 200 x 120 to place your advertisement.

All web ads are housed in an "Official Web Sponsor" frame.

APS will create the ad for you (we will contact you in regards to specific text, graphics, etc.) or you may create your own advertisement in .jpg or .gif format. If you submit an ad graphic, it will then be placed in the web sponsor frame like all other ads.

If you create your own ads please note it will be set inside the "APS Web Sponsor" frame. The entire image itself is 200 pixels wide by 120 pixels high (the inside ad area is 198 pixels wide by 103 pixels high).


Ad Tracking:

We now provide tracking so you know how many times your ad has been viewed and clicked through our site.



There are two options to choose from - Pay Per Click or Pay Per Year.
AND APS Dealer Members receive discounted rates!

Per Click Rates:

Minimum number of clicks starting at 250

20 cents per click for Dealer Members
25 cents per click for a regular APS member

Per Year Rates:

Unlimited number of clicks

$240 per year for Dealer Members
$300 per year for regular APS member


Sign up Today!

If you are an APS member in good standing, we invite you to advertise. Use the link below to get started. Once the information is submitted, we will be in touch with you regarding your approval and discuss images for your ad.

If you would like to become an official APS Dealer Member and receive dealer ad rates, click here for details -- there are many benefits of Dealer Membership.

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