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Book Publishing

The American Philatelic Society strives to satisfy the needs of the beginning, intermediate, and advanced collectors with accurate, readable, visually pleasing, and professionally produced literature. To achieve this the APS both publishes literature and sells literature published by others. We welcome your suggestions for books we should sell as well as manuscripts to publish. Authors interested in APS having their work published should complete and return a Book Proposal Form.

The general Guidelines for Authors Submitting a Book Project require:
Provide completed manuscript (text, captions, references, acknowledgments, etc.) in Microsoft Word.
Provide scanned artwork in color to specifications (resolution — 300 dpi, stamps scanned at 200–300%, covers scanned at 70%, etc.). Scanning tips and assistance available from APS.
If APS is to do the scanning, the author must provide all materials.
If artwork is derived from another source other than the author or is under copyright, written permission to use the artwork is necessary along with the appropriate credit (included in caption, reference list and/or acknowledgments.
Provide photocopies/printouts of art work clearly identified with figure numbers corresponding to the text reference.
Provide indexing.
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