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Janet Houser
Youth Coordinator
ext. 238

Just for Kids

Stamp collecting is a wonderful hobby that reflects your interest, does not need to cost a lot of money, and most of all is FUN!


What's Next - Printable game. (posted 1/19/14)

Name that Country - Printable game.

Animal Matching Game - Printable game.

Letter to Mom - Printable game.

Spot the Difference - Printable game.

March Maze - Printable game.

Presidential Crossword - Printable game.

Young Stamp Collectors of America- created to promote the hobby to young stamp collectors (under age 18) on the internet.

Young Philatelic Leaders - A program to engage young stamp collectors (ages 16-24) in the most exciting elements of the philatelic world.

All Star Stamp Club - clubs organized by teachers or community group leaders; see if there is one in your area!

American Topical Association - Youth Pages

Kidstamps a free postal club to encourage young stamp collectors in the UK.

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