American Philatelic Society
Summer Seminar Snap Shots - June 2014

Attendees gather in the lobby Sunday Evening.


Students take time to chat.


Gretchen Moody, Director of Education, welcomes everyone to Summer Seminar.


Doug Quine spoke about “Exploring Modern Postal History: From Anthrax to ZIP Code.”


Wayne Youngblood teaches Stamp Technology.


Jim Stearns looks at a stamp in the “Washington-Franklin Issues” course.


“Live-Feed Postal History Research: Brainstorm with the Pros,” by Diane DeBlois & Robert Dalton Harris.


Tara Murray speaks about “Virtual Tour of Special Collections to include the Tom Alexander Papers.”


Irwin Weinberg presents “Once Upon a Stamp.”


Some students take time to show their bowling talents.


Shopping during free time.


Shopping in the Library.


Using Sales Division.


Ryan Kohler plays the violin at the “Philatelic Idol” talent show.


The Youth Scholarship Students, Cassi Stahl, Autumn Hanley, and Sarah Chenevert, work on a center piece for the banquet.


Summer Seminar Distinguished Philatelist, Jim Dempsey, spoke about “A Half-Century of Stamp Dealing: A Potpourri of Experiences.”

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