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Welcome to where our goal is to provide accessible learning opportunities.

We offer two types of learning experiences:

Stamp Campus Courses: in-depth, multi-week courses

Collecting Connections: modules that are portions of popular APS courses taught at Summer Seminar on Philately or via "Courses on the Road."

StampCampus Courses
Don’t let the words campus or courses intimidate you.  We have created affordable, personalized courses from experienced stamp collectors.  Each course is directed by knowledgeable instructors with lessons that are not buried in hobby jargon; that won’t demand expensive equipment, software, or materials; and that allow for discussions in live, internet sessions or via correspondence. We are currently offering three courses - Click to view courses

Collecting Connections (Modules)
We often hear this lament, "I cannot travel to APS headquarters to take a Summer Seminar course," or "When will you offer an APS Course on the Road in my city."  Through Collecting Connections, APS instructors offer small portions or modules of their popular courses in smaller segments, often lasting 1 ½ hours at various times throughout the year.  Students may take all of the modules or only the ones that meet their educational needs. Click to view current Modules

How the live, internet sessions work:
APS instructors will offer real-time, live courses using, a service that makes interactive training possible using your Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, or Android device.  It takes only minutes to download the GoToMeeting software onto your device. 

After registering for a course or module, the APS Education Department will send you an invitation to a GoToMeeting session that includes a link to the course session or module.  Click the link and you will be connected!

Register for an upcoming StampCampus Course or Collecting Connections module to Learn More, Do More, Enjoy  More.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about StampCampus, please feel free to contact Cathy Brachbill by phone at 814 933-3803 ext. 239.

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