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Souvenirs of International Philatelic Exhibitions

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Vatican City

posted February '16

German Empire

posted January '16


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posted September '15

French Morocco

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Cayman Islands

posted June '15

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The APS Reference Collection, created and sustained through the generosity of members, may be viewed by visitors. Each month we are happy to provide a glimpse of a portion of the collection. Contact us to see if you have a philatelic item that we may need to enhance the collection.

Aden (Posted October 2015).

Aitutaki -- an island of the Cook Islands located in the Central-Southern Pacific Ocean. (Posted July 2011)

Alexandretta, Cilicia, & Hatay -- areas associated with Turkey. (Posted July 2010)

Andorra -- was in joint control of France and the Spanish Bishop of Urgel and paid annual tribute to both. (Posted April 2012)

Argentina (Posted September 2015).

Australia (Posted January 2013).

Austria -- officially the Republic of Austria located in Central Europe. (Posted March 2010).

Bahrain (Posted July 2013)

Belgium Semipostals 1910-1940 (Posted May 2015)

Belgium - Regular & Commemoratives (Posted March 2015)

Berlin -- the capital city and one of the 16 states of Germany. (Posted Dec. 2009)

Bolivia -- (Posted Feb. 2015)

British Antarctic Territory -- a sector of Antarctica claimed by the United Kingdom. (Posted July 2009)

British Honduras --(Posted February 2013)

Canal Zone -- a strip of land ten miles wide, extending through the Republic of Panama. (Posted June 2012)

Cayman Islands -- (Posted June 2015)

Chile -- one of the most politically stable and economically prosperous of the South American countries. (Posted January 2011)

China -- (Posted November 2012)

Cyprus -- just off the coast from Turkey in the Mediterranean Sea. (Posted Oct. 2010)

East Germany (Posted Feb. 2012)

Estonia (Posted Jan. 2015)

Finland (Posted April 2015)

France (Posted Oct. 2012)

French Morocco (Posted Aug. 2015)

French South and Antarctic Territories (Posted Aug. 2010)

German City Posts -- (Posted May 2011)

German Empire -- (Posted Jan 2016)

German Local City Posts -- (Posted Feb 2014)

Germany -- (Posted December 2012)

Gibraltar -- a British overseas territory. (Posted Feb. 2009)

Gilbert & Ellice Islands -- a British Colony located in the Pacific Ocean northeast of Australia. (Posted Nov. 2011)

Great Britain -- (Posted May 2013)

Greenland (update) -- (Posted April 2016)

Greenland -- a member country of the Kingdom of Denmark. (Posted March 2009)

Grenada -- (Posted Oct. 2013)

Guadeloupe -- (Posted Sept. 2012)

Guatemala -- (Posted March 2016)

Hawaii -- the newest of the 50 U.S. states. (Posted Sept. 2009)

Hunting Permit Stamps (Posted May 2010)

Iceland -- an island country located in the North Atlantic Ocean. (Posted May 2009)

India -- located in southern, central Asia. (Posted April 2011)

Inini -- (Posted Sept. 2012)

Iraq -- located in western Asia - formerly Mesopotamia, a province of Turkey.(Posted March 2012)

Ireland (Posted August 2013)

Japan (2014 Update) -- (Posted Dec. 2014)

Japan -- an island nation in East Asia, located in the Pacific Ocean. (Posted Aug. 2009)

Kiribati -- a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean northeast of Australia. (Posted Oct. 2011)

Korea -- an independent monarchy under Chinese influence came under Japanese influence in 1876. (Posted May 2012)

Labuan and North Borneo -- (Posted May 2014)

Laos -- a republic in northwestern Indo-China. Before 1949 it was part of the French Colony of Indo-China. (Posted Aug. 2012)

Lebanon 1864 - 1923 PART II -- (Posted September 2014)

Lebanon 1864 - 1923 -- (Posted August 2014)

Leeward Islands -- are the northern islands of the Lesser Antilles chain of islands. (Posted Nov. 2009)

Liechtenstein -- (Posted December 2013/March 2011)

Manchukuo -- covers the three northeastern provinces of China, Fengtien, Kirin and Heilungkiang, plus Jehol province. (Posted January 2012)

Monaco (Posted Dec. 2015)

Morocco -- located on the northwest coast of Africa. (Posted July 2012)

Namibia (Posted April 2014)

Nepal -- officially the Fedeal Democratic Republic of Nepal. (Posted April 2010)

New Hebrides -- was the colonial name for an island group in the South Pacific that now form the nation of Vanuatu. (Jan. 2010)

Niuafo'ous -- Niuafo'ou, meaning new coconuts, is the most northerly island in the kingdom of Tonga located in the southern Pacific Ocean. (Dec. 2011)

North Korea -- officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. (Posted June 2010)

Oman (Posted June 2016)

Pitcairn Islands -- located in the South Pacific Ocean, is a british colony under the British High Commissioner in New Zealand. (Posted June 2011)

Poland -- (Posted March 2013)

Revenues -- (Posted June 2014)

Ryukyu Islands -- also known as the Nansei Islands, is a chain of islands in the western Pacific. (Posted November 2010)

Saarland -- one of the 16 federal state of Germany. (Posted April 2009)

Saint Lucia -- (Posted November 2014)

Saudi Arabia 1916 - 1955 (Posted April 2013)

Saudi Arabia -- a Western Asian country and the largest counrty of the Middle East. (Posted Feb. 2010)

South Georgia Islands -- a sub-Antarctic island administered by the United Kingdom. (Posted December 2010)

Souvenirs of International Philatelic Exhibitions -- (Posted May 2016)

St. Pierre & Miquelon -- a group of small French islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. (Posted June 2009)

Sweden -- (Posted September 2013)

Switzerland -- (Posted July 2014)

Thailand (Posted March 2014)

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (Posted Sept. 2010)

USSR -- An empire until 1917, the government was overthrown in that year and a socialist union of republics was formed under the name of the Union of Soviet Socialist. (Posted Aug. 2011)

U.S. Back of Book -- (Posted Oct. 2014)

U.S. Classics -- in conjunction with U.S. Classics 2009. (Posted Oct. 2009)

U.S. Counterfeit and Altered -- (Posted Nov. 2013)

U.S. Commemorative Plate Blocks -- (Posted Jan. 2014)

U.S. Plate Blocks -- in honor of the United States Stamp Society's Philatelic Exhibition. (Posted Sept. 2011)

U.S. Plate Number Coils Strips (Posted Nov. 2015)

U.S. Postal Cards (Posted June 2013)

Vatican City (Posted Feb. 2016)

Victoria -- one of the six former British Colonies to form the Commonwealth of Australia. (Posted Feb. 2011)

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