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APS Reference Collections

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Reference Collection

The Society maintains two reference collections of philatelic material — one for fakes and forgeries and one for genuine stamps and postal history.

Many items that have been judged “not genuine” subsequently have been donated to the APS Reference Collection of Fakes and Forgeries. Established and managed by the late James Beal in the 1970s, we continue to add material to this 38-volume display of spurious stamps and covers.

The APS Collection of Genuine Stamps and Postal History was created in the early 1990s and separated into two groups. The United States collection is housed in 42 albums. All other countries are arranged in alphabetical order in over 400 binders. All the contents come from generous contributions by thoughtful APS members.

These collections provide a clearinghouse of resource material for philatelic researchers visiting the American Philatelic Center.

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