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June 2016
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Press Releases

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TitleStart DateEnd Date
2016 APS/APRL Election Results6/7/20166/7/2017
Inverted Jenny Stamp Cold Case Heats Up at NY 20166/6/20166/6/2017
Stolen McCoy Inverted Jenny stamp Recovered in New York City4/15/20164/15/2017
American Philatelic Society Adds New National Partner: Stamp Collecting Organization Joins Forces With Federal Credit Un3/29/20163/29/2017
Leaky Roof Threatens Library Holdings3/18/20163/18/2017
National Postage Stamp Show Coming to Atlanta1/4/20161/4/2017
Philatelic Union Catalog Welcomes the Spellman Museum Library Holdings10/9/201510/9/2016
Brachbill Named APS Director of Education9/15/20159/15/2016
American Philatelic Society Announces New Executive Director7/24/20157/24/2016
Orient Named APS Manager of Shows and Exhibitions5/19/20155/19/2016
Stage Named New ‘American Philatelist’ Editorial Associate5/1/20155/1/2016
Summer Seminar 20154/30/20154/30/2016
Quito, Ecuador Philatelic Exhibition4/20/20154/20/2016
APS STAMPSHOW Meetings and Seminars3/31/20153/31/2016
Plan Now To Exhibit at APS STAMPSHOW 20153/23/20153/23/2016
Winning Exhibits at APS AMERISTAMP EXPO 20153/4/20153/4/2016
Atkins philatelic literature collection finds home at the APRL12/12/201412/12/2015
Bigalke New American Philatelist Editor12/1/201412/1/2015
APS Literature Award Winners11/24/201411/24/2015
Drews, Grabowski, & Klug 2014 Luff Honorees11/24/201411/24/2015
APS to Give Free Coupon Book to AmeriStamp Expo Attendees11/7/201411/7/2015
Riverside Marriott — APS AmeriStamp Expo Headquarters Hotel11/6/201411/6/2015
Exhibits Invited to APS AmeriStamp Expo 201510/30/201410/30/2015
Barb Boal, Editor, The American Philatelist to Retire9/15/20149/15/2015
Winning Exhibits at APS StampShow 20149/11/20149/11/2015
APS to Receive $1.3 Million Gift9/5/20149/5/2015
Symposium to examine the development of transoceanic air mail service8/21/20148/21/2015
2013 CAC Newsletter Winners6/25/20146/25/2015
Chris Calle, Stamp Designer, 2014 Tiffany Dinner Speaker4/11/20144/11/2015
Cachetmakers' Bourse August 23 at APS StampShow 20144/4/20144/4/2015
StampShow Meetings and Seminars3/26/20143/28/2015
2014 Kehr Award Nominees Sought3/18/20143/19/2015
APS Hall of Fame Inductees for 20143/13/20143/13/2015
Plan Now to Exhibit at StampShow 2014 in Hartford, CT3/6/20143/6/2015
APS StampShow Dealer Information Available3/3/20143/3/2015
Exhibits Invited to APS AmeriStamp Expo 201410/4/201310/4/2014
Presidential Free Frank among PA Top 10 Endangered Artifacts9/20/20139/20/2014
APS Literature Award Winners9/18/20139/20/2014
APS Recognizes Volunteers9/17/20139/19/2014
APS Introduces 2014 Class of Young Philatelic Leaders9/13/20139/16/2014
2013 APS Chapter and Affiliates Website Competition9/10/20139/10/2014
2012 CAC Newsletter Competition and Stamp Show Program Awards9/9/20139/9/2014
Kramer, Groten & Nakles 2013 Luff Honorees8/16/20138/16/2014
Winning Exhibits at APS StampShow 20138/14/20138/14/2014
New Stamp Camp USA Director Sought8/6/20138/6/2014
APRL Receives Gift of Postal History Research7/12/20137/12/2014
APS 2013 Election Results6/3/20136/3/2014
APRL Celebrates National Library Week 20134/11/20134/11/2014
The American Philatelic Society (APS)3/13/20133/14/2014
The American Philatelic Society Bylaw Amendment3/12/20133/12/2014
The American Philatelic Society to Seek Chief Executive Officer3/8/20133/8/2014
Plan Now To Exhibit at APS StampShow 2013 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin2/27/20132/27/2014
APS StampShow Dealer Information Available2/6/20132/6/2014
APS Hall of Fame Inductees for 20131/31/20131/31/2014
Winning Exhibits at APS AmeriStamp Expo 20131/24/20131/24/2014
January AP Features "United States Mail to France in World War II, Part I"12/13/201212/13/2013
‘Blue and Gray: Mail and the Civil War’ Papers Available11/27/201211/27/2013
Hyatt Regency Louisville — APS AmeriStamp Expo Headquarters Hotel10/4/201210/4/2013
APS 2012 Web Award Winners9/27/20129/27/2013
Exhibits Invited to APS AmeriStamp Expo 20139/21/20129/21/2013
Hoak and Warren Win Mueller and Peterson Awards9/19/20129/19/2013
The October AP Features "Chesapeake Gold: Baltimore's Oyster Industry"9/18/20129/19/2013
APS AmeriStamp Expo Dealer Information Available9/13/20129/14/2013
Dixon, Graue & Rod 2012 Luff Honorees9/11/20129/12/2013
Winning Exhibits at APS StampShow 20128/24/20128/24/2013
The September AP Features "Afghanistan’s Foreign Relations Through Philately"8/14/20128/14/2013
2011 CAC Stamp Show Program Competition Awards6/13/20126/13/2013
APRL Announces Launch of Centralized Gateway to World’s Greatest Philatelic Research6/1/20126/1/2013
The June AP Features "The Siege of Przemysl 1914–1915"5/29/20125/29/2013
Tara Murray Nominated for Special Libraries Association Board of Directors5/8/20125/8/2013
The May AP Features "The Lord of the Rings"4/23/20124/23/2013
Great American Series Course4/13/20124/13/2013
Tiffany Dinner Speaker: Dana Gioia4/9/20124/9/2013
APRL Announces Partnership to Create Gateway to World’s Greatest Philatelic Research4/2/20124/2/2013
Seventh Annual Postal History Symposium3/29/20123/29/2013
The April AP Celebrates the MPHS & APS Members3/26/20123/26/2013
APS StampShow Meetings and Seminars3/20/20123/20/2013
APS StampShow Dealer Information Available2/23/20122/23/2013
AmeriStamp Expo 2012 Winners2/2/20122/2/2013
Collecting the British Machins1/16/20121/16/2013
How Commerce and Industry Shaped the Mails6/30/20116/30/2012
2011 Election Results6/11/20116/11/2012
Philatelic Library Group Uses Technology to Keep in Touch4/12/20114/12/2012
Exhibit at APS StampShow 20114/8/20114/8/2012
Lloyd de Vries Recipient of Kehr “Future of Philately” Award4/6/20114/11/2012
Exhibit at APS StampShow 20113/16/20113/16/2012
Bauer, Schimmer, Welch Join APS Hall of Fame2/22/20112/22/2012
Winning Exhibits at APS AmeriStamp Expo2/18/20112/18/2012
APRL Librarian Serves as Chair of Library Group2/15/20112/15/2012
Carter Volunteer Recognition Awards Nominations10/27/201010/27/2011
AmeriStamp Expo Headquarters Hotel10/20/201010/20/2011
APS Approves New Appointments9/29/20109/29/2011
APS/APRL Selects Veronesi as General Contractor9/24/20109/24/2011
Exhibits Invited to APS AmeriStamp Expo 20119/21/20109/23/2011
APS AmeriStamp Expo Dealer Information Available9/17/20109/20/2011
Luff Honorees9/8/20109/10/2011
StampShow Shines In Richmond8/27/20108/27/2011
Malmgren Takes Top Honors at APS StampShow 20108/24/20108/24/2011
Karl Rove Talks Hobby in Richmond8/3/20108/3/2011
StampShow Visits Richmond, Virginia7/16/20108/16/2011
Charles J. Peterson Philatelic Literature Life Achievement Award7/13/20107/13/2011
Major New Tenant Commits to APC7/12/20107/12/2011
APS/APRL Hires New Librarian6/11/20106/11/2011
2009 CAC Newsletter Competition Awards6/4/20106/4/2011
Carol Edholm Recipient of Kehr "Future of Philately" Award5/25/20105/25/2011
Cachetmaker's Bourse August 14 at APS StampShow 20105/21/20105/21/2011
Winter Book Wins Large Gold at London5/11/20105/11/2011
APS StampShow Comes to Richmond Virginia, August 12-15, 20104/20/20104/20/2011
Martin Appointed APS Executive Director4/15/20104/15/2011
Tom Broadhead Wins USSS–Barbara R. Mueller Award11/25/200911/25/2010
2009 Nicholas G. Carter Volunteer Recognition Awards11/23/200911/23/2010
APS Board Approves New Appointments11/11/200911/11/2010
Preschool Postage Stamp Curriculum Project Expands11/9/200911/9/2010
American Philatelic Society Board Approves Balanced Operating Budget10/20/200910/20/2010
2009 Luff Awards9/18/20099/18/2010
Young Philatelic Leaders Fellowship is Launched!8/21/20098/21/2010
Prospectus Ready for AMERISTAMP EXPO 20108/19/20098/19/2010
A New Audience for Stamp Collecting7/6/20097/6/2010
CAC Newsletter Competition Awards6/24/20096/24/2010
Festival for Philatelic Women held at the American Philatelic Center6/15/20096/15/2010
APS 2009 Election Results6/6/20096/6/2010
APS Trims Budget to Secure Its Future5/6/20095/6/2010
A New Gateway to the Hobby: www.learnaboutstamps.com4/17/20094/17/2010
Barbara Mueller One of Four Invited to Sign Roll of Distinguished Philatelists4/15/20094/15/2010
APS Stampshow 2009 Visits Pittsburgh Aug 6-93/26/20093/26/2010
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