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How to Sell on StampStore

Who can sell?

Only APS members can sell on StampStore and you must be legally able to sell the items you list for sale. If you are not a member, we invite you to join today!

Terms of Sale

Please review the StampStore Terms of Sale. This will provide you with basic information such as the length of time items will be listed for sale, your commissions, when statements/checks are mailed to sellers, etc.

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Submission Form

Obtain Forms for Submitting Items:

Download the Batch Cover Sheet for free in pdf format.

Download the Submission Form (also available with white background for easier printing; however if you use the white background form you must use black mounts as a black background is needed for scanning).

Order 20 blank submission forms from our Supply Store for $3 — 2 batch cover sheets will be included at no charge with each group of 20 forms.

When Preparing to Submit Items Remember:

a Batch Cover Sheet is required with each package of submissions

complete a separate Submission Form for each item to be sold (sets from a country may be sold as a single item). DO NOT put several countries of stamps on one submission form.

print clearly and legibly

A Death Authorization Form also must be signed by each seller providing us with a name and address of the person authorized to receive unsold items and/or proceeds in the event of death.

Be Concise in Your Description:

Buyers can search by looking for words included in your description of the item. Use of standard terms and topics may lead to more buyers reviewing your material. Some terms you may consider for inclusion: booklet, coil, proof, specimen, essay, or precancel. If you are submitting a topical item use an appropriate keyword such as train, bird, truck, etc.

List any topics that may pertain to your submission in the description. If the submission is part of a specific issue, such as Silver Jubilee or Legends of Hollywood, list the issue to help a topical collector locate items on the site.

Do not include Avg., F, F-VF, XF in your description — this will not be listed on any sales form unless a certificate confirming that grading is supplied with the submissions.

Faults such as thins, creases, pulled perfs, etc., even if visible, must be clearly described otherwise they will be returned along with a fine.


In general, pricing of items should be no more than 65 percent of the catalogue values. The listed values for never hinged, mint (unused), and used in Scott’s are for very fine condition. Your chosen pricing percentage could be used for unused and used material.

The material submitted by most sellers falls within 40–60 percent of the catalogue values. Our more successful sellers price their items below the 50 percent level. Faults, such as pulled perfs, thins, tears, scuff marks, no gum on mint stamps, etc., would reduce the asking price considerably. For example, do not expect to sell a stamp with a rounded corner for more than 20–25 percent of the catalogue value. There are some exceptions to these pricing limits.

If you price items higher than other sellers who are submitting material your sales will suffer in comparison to those who use the above pricing guidelines. Keep this in mind so that you can stay competitive with the current mark **Click for additional help for pricing and mounting material

Affix the Item:

Affix the item(s) in the large box on the top half of the form using a clear mount. Do not use hinges, or cloudy glassine materials. When affixing a set, each stamp must be visible. If the item is too large for the space provided, mount it on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to the submission form. Each sheet is hole punched for storage so keep items away from the left edge of the form. Mounts should be closed on at least two sides, preferably three sides, so the items are secure thus no loss or damage can occur. Items which cannot be scanned as submitted may be returned at the owners expense.

Mounts for use on the forms are available from the APS Supply Store or you may use any type of "clear" mount. It is not required that you use APS mounts only.

Security and Protection:

DO NOT list your name and APS number on the submission sheets as it will be removed. For seller security, we make every attempt to not release names and APS member numbers to buyers. Your seller ID now automatically appears with your listings encouraging buyers to view other items available for sale by using the seller ID – you remain anonymous. However, if you wish to advertise in “The AP” or other places and release your name and seller number, that is your prerogative. To locate your Seller ID log in and go to MyAPS, then MyStamps the ID is located at the top of your MyStamp area.

Complete a Batch Cover Sheet:

Include a Batch Cover Sheet with each package of submissions — include your APS number, last name, number of submissions in the shipment, and payment method.


A 10¢ submission fee per item is required. Our commission on sales for items received before August 1, 2014, is 20%. Our commission on sales for items received after August 1, 2014, is as shown in the table below. There is a minimum commission of 50 cents per item.

Tiered Commission items received after Aug. 1, 2014
Item Price
Up to $100
$101 - $250
$251 - $500
$501 - $1,000
$1,001 +
A completed submission form constitutes agreement of our StampStore Terms of Sale.

Send Your Submission to:

APS-ISU,100 Match Factory Place, Bellefonte, PA 16823

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