American Philatelic Society

Educators and Youth Club Leaders

Resources and materials are available to educators and youth club leaders for teaching youth the “stories behind the stamps” (history, social studies, literacy, mathematics, science, the arts, etc.) and for promoting an understanding of philately.

Stamps Teach
Resources for K – 12 educators in a wide variety of content areas

All Star Stamp Club Leaders
Register to receive stamp collecting supplies, meeting ideas, and resources for your youth organization!

Scout Leaders
Information and activities for each requirement of the Stamp Collecting Merit Badge for Boy Scouts.
Resources for Teaching Others About Stamp Collecting

Beginning Stamp Collecting Workshop
(Host your own Stamp Collecting 101 Workshop with this instruction guide.)

Classroom Presentations: share the hobby while having fun!, article by Janet Klug

Printable Resources

10 Low-Cost Ways to Start Collecting Stamps

Three Tips for Stamp Collectors

The World of Stamps

Learn How to Read a Stamp Catalog

Album Pages (Free, color illustrated album pages are available for downloading.)

PowerPoint Programs

Stamp Collecting Fun: A Beginners Guide

Stamp Collecting Presentation for Senior Living Community (PowerPoint) - Customize and use this presentation at an upcoming senior living meeting!

Stamps An American Journey (A video by the USPS about the development of stamps.)

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