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YPLF Class of 2018
Darren Corapcioglu, Exhibitor Track
Lauson H. Stone Fellow, sponsored by Harlan F. Stone and Helen M. Galatan-Stone in memory of Harlan’s father

Darren Corapcioglu, from the state of Maryland, is the Lauson H. Stone Fellow, sponsored by Harlan F. Stone and Helen M. Galatan-Stone in memory of Harlan’s father. This member of the YPLF Class of 2018 describes the best aspect of stamp collecting as, “not only teaching the history and geography of countries but the many subjects depicted on them”.

Darren was 8 years old when he attended his first stamp show with his father. He loved picking through stamps at the children’s table looking for topics such as; space, astronomy, airplanes, and plants. As he grew older, Darren developed an appreciation for exhibits displayed at shows, especially to those presenting their topics in extensive detail. His love of astronomy-themed stamps led him to develop a one-frame thematic exhibit on the universe and enter it into competition. Darren’s first exhibit earned him a Vermeil medal and the AAPE Novice award at BALPEX 2012. After expanding his exhibit to three frames, Darren won the AAPE Youth Champion of Champions Reserve Grand Award in 2013 and Champion of Champions Grand Award in both 2014 and 2016. Additionally, he has exhibited in a number of international shows, including New York World Stamp Show 2016 and Jerusalem 2016.

Darren describes exhibiting as, “a venue to study any subject in as much detail as one wishes” and “a chance to share an area of study with others while learning theirs”. Exhibiting has provided Darren with the opportunity to study new topics and expand his understanding of postal history; how people connected through the mails, the operation of postal systems, mail routes, and rates of the past.

Darren hopes to get more involved in the APS, meet new people, and develop a top level exhibit during his Fellowship year.

Anastasios “Tasos” Kalfas, Curator Track
Donald and Bonnie Lee Fellow, sponsored by James E. Lee in memory of his parents

Stamp collecting is one method that Anastasios “Tasos” Kalfas, YPLF Class of 2018, uses to expand his views of the world and make connections to historical people, places, and events. Kalfas, a freshman at George Washington University (Washington, DC), is the Donald and Bonnie Lee Fellow, sponsored by James E. Lee in memory of his parents.

During yearly family vacations, Tasos would take daily trips to the Topsail Beach, NC post office to pick up the mail. Postmaster Doris took the time to introduce this young man from southern New Jersey to the world of stamp collecting; teaching him how to properly store and display a collection. In the 8th grade, Tasos wrote about the facer-canceller systems and delivery-barcode sorters for an informative essay project. For an AP U.S. History class, he wrote about the involvement of and the impact that the post office had upon Civil War communications. Everywhere he visits, Tasos obtains a postmark from that town’s post office to add to his personal collection.

In addition to collecting local postmarks, Tasos’ collecting interests include contemporary U.S. stamps, pictorial postmarks, and postal history. His other interests include; instrumental music (violin and trumpet), mock trial, debate club, camping, hiking, and Boy Scouts. Tasos is an Eagle Scout and plans to help other scouts earn their Stamp Collecting Merit Badges.

Tasos hopes to learn more about the stories behind the stamps during his Fellowship year and intends to continue sharing his love of postal history by designing a museum-quality display of philatelic artifacts to be housed at the American Philatelic Center.

Dani Leviss, Designer Track
Kathleen Meagher Fellow, sponsored by Ann Dunkin

Third-generation philatelist, second generation cachetmaker, and Fellow in the YPLF Class of 2018, Dani Leviss, is the Kathleen Meagher Fellow, sponsored by Ann Dunkin. Leviss, a 2016 graduate of Drew University (B.A. Chemistry and double minor in Writing and Art), calls New Jersey home and describes philately as, “a universe that is ever expanding”.

Dani is drawn to the cachet of a cover as both an artist and a connoisseur. Through her art, she strives to enhance a stamp’s story, featuring the less obvious, on the cachets that she designs. As a cachet connoisseur, Ms. Leviss appreciates well-displayed cover collections, spending time lingering over items, as one does in an actual art gallery.

At age 4, Dani actually began creating her own first day covers featuring cartoon character stickers, toy catalog cutouts, and images rescued off of Band-Aids. In 2012, Dani produced a Cherry Blossom Centennial cover, the inaugural First Day Cover for her cachet line, BGC Legacy. She currently designs first day covers that combine both pencil and digital paintings, among numerous other art mediums as well. Leviss prints her designs on 8.5” by 11” paper and then makes her own envelopes using a process developed by her father many years ago, continuing a very important philatelic family tradition.

Science and the environment are important to Dani. She finds time to volunteer with the Sierra Club and promote ways to protect the planet. Additionally, Ms. Leviss hopes to write about science to help people understand how science impacts their world. During her Fellowship year, Dani hopes to further develop her cover designing skills and learn how to apply them to stamp design.

Victoria “Grace” Rogansky, Exhibitor Track
Michael M. Oetken Fellow, sponsored by Diane Van Duzen in memory of her father

Victoria “Grace” Rogansky is the Michael M. Oetken Fellow of the YPLF Class of 2018, sponsored by Diane Van Duzen in memory of her father. Grace is a college freshman from western Pennsylvania planning to major in environmental science at Lynchburg College (VA).

One of Grace’s favorite philatelic items is a cachet depicting dance because it illustrates her love of dance (especially tap and lyrical). Her other interests include instrumental music (clarinet, bassoon, and piano), volunteering at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, swimming competitively, and Girl Scouting.

As a young child, Grace received her first stamp album from her grandfather, an avid collector. This young collector-to-be feigned interest in the hobby to please him, and worked on her collection whenever they spent time together. As Grace got older, she became interested in learning about United States history through stamps and was “hooked”. For a high school history project, Grace used stamps to create a timeline of World War II events and this ignited her enthusiasm for learning more about the stories behind the stamps.

The Richmond, Virginia StampShow in August, 2017 was Grace’s first stamp show. Grace wrote about this new experience, “It opened my eyes to many opportunities in the philatelic world. I was able to learn about stamps and covers, interact with and meet new people, learn new lingo, visit society booths, and attend a first day of issue ceremony.” As a Fellow in the Class of 2018 of the Young Philatelic Leaders Fellowship, Grace can’t wait to expand her knowledge of stamps and stamp collecting! Ms.Rogansky looks forward to applying her creative talents to develop her a one-frame exhibit during her year in the Fellowship program.

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