American Philatelic Society

AAMS - American Air Mail Society

AAT - Australian Antarctic Territory

AFDCS - American First Day Cover Society

AP - American Philatelist, monthly publication of the American Philatelic Society

APC - American Philatelic Congress (organization)

APES - American Philatelic Expertizing Service

APEX - American Philatelic Expertizing Service

APO - Army Post Office

APRL - American Philatelic Research Library

APS - American Philatelic Society

ASDA - American Stamp Dealers Association

ATA - American Topical Association

ATM - Automatic Stamp (produced individually by a vending machine)

BALPEX - Baltimore Philatelic Exhibition

BAT - British Antarctic Territory

BEP - Bureau of Engraving and Printing

BNAPS - British North America Philatelic Society

BOB - Back of the Book (airmails, postage dues, postal stationery, revenues, etc. which are listed after the regular issues by the Scott Catalogue)

CAM - Contract Air Mail

CCNY - Collectors Club of New York

CSDA - Canadian Stamp Dealers Association

CTO - Cancelled to Order

CDS - Circular Date Stamp

CV - Catalog Value

DG - Disturbed Gum

DLO - Dead Letter Office

DPO - Discontinued Post Office

EDU - Earliest Documented Use

EFO - Errors, Freaks and Oddities

EKU - Earliest Known Use

F - Fine (centering)

FAM - Foreign Air Mail

FDC - First Day Cover

FDOI - First Day Of Issue

FFC - First Flight Cover

FIP - Federation International de Philatelie (International Federation of Philately)

FPO - Field Post Office

FSAT - French Southern & Antarctic Territories

FV - Face Value

FVF - Fine to Very Fine (centering)

GPO - General Post Office

HH - Heavily Hinged

HPO - Highway Postal Office

HR - Hinge Remnant

IRC - International Reply Coupon (exchangeable for foreign surface rate postage)

ISWSC - International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors

LH - Lightly Hinged

LL - Lower Left

LP - Line Pair

LR - Lower Right

MNH - Mint Never Hinged

MPO - Mobile Post Office (railroad, streetcar, truck, bus)

MPP - Mailer's Postmark Permit

MS - Miniature Sheet

NAPEX - National Philatelic Exhibition

NH - Never Hinged

NPM - National Postal Museum

NSDA - National Stamp Dealers Association

OG - Original Gum

OHMS - On His Majesty's Service (stamps for official government use)

PB - Plate Block

PEX - Philatelic Exhibition

PF - Philatelic Foundation

PHS - Postal History Society

PIPEX - Pacific International Philatelic Exhibition (held in Portland, Oregon)

PLR - Philatelic Literature Review

PMCC - Postmark Collectors Club

PNC - Plate Number Coil

PNSE - Philadelphia National Stamp Exhibition

PO - Post Office

PSAG - Professional Stamp Authentication and Grading

PSE - Professional Stamp Experts

PSS - Precancel Stamp Society

RDP - Roll of Distinguished Philatelists

RMS - Railway Mail Service

RPSC - Royal Philatelic Society of Canada

RPSL - Royal Philatelic Society of London

S - Superb

SASE - Self Addressed Stamped Envelope

SCV - Scott Catalogue Value

SE - Straight Edge

SESCAL - Stamp Exhibition of Southern California

SG - Stanley Gibbons

SON - Socked on the Nose (cancel)

SS - Sourvenir Sheet

UA - Unaddressed

UEEF - Uniform Exhibit Evaluation Form

UL - Upper Left

UNPA - United Nations Postal Administration

UPSS - United Postal Stationery Society

UPU - Universal Postal Union

UR - Upper Right

USPCS - United States Philatelic Classics Society

USPOD - United States Post Office Department

USPS - United States Postal Service

USSS - United States Stamp Society

UV - Ultraviolet

VF - Very Fine (centering)

VLH - Very Lightly Hinged

WESTPEX - Western Philatelic Exhibition (held in San Francisco, CA)

XF - Extra Fine (centering)

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